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“I have played a lot of church organs in Ghana and across the world but today I am Overwhelmed and Mesmerized by this Made -In-Ghana organ.I could close my eyes and mistaken the sound of Olive organ for any famous church organ in Europe. I admonish everyone and all well-wishers to believe in the brand.Olive Organ has come to stay and has competitive advantage over other imported brand. On this note, I volunteer to be an ambassador of Olive Organs.”

The Late Kweku Acquaah - Harrison

Principal Organist, (BA Music Ed)

“With the endless choice of sounds this organ has to offer, it is indeed considered eclectic and can meet the needs of all repertoire! To me, the Hauptwerk concept is the future of electronic organs and Olive Organs has done well in the craftsmanship of the consoles. I am particularly drawn to the fact that it is manufactured in Ghana. Something that will benefit organists in the country as well as the economic growth of the country by minimizing imports. The sounds are all sampled directly from notable organ all over the world. Something you don’t find in your usual electronic organ. I commend Mr. Samuel Kwofie for leading this initiative to bringing this great technology to Ghana”

Samuel Kuffuor-Afriyie

Organist for Grace Episcopal Church-Syracuse , Catholic Campus Ministry-Hendricks Chapel

“As a Composer and Musicologist who have had the opportunity of sitting behind many Church Organs around the world, I can testify in confidence, that Olive Organs can match the power, beauty of sound quality and expressive abilities of any Organ the world over. The instrument is beautifully crafted and sounds super, with modern operational systems and devices. I’m simply amazed at this achievement which takes music in the country about a decade ahead.”

Newlove Kojo Annan

Institute of Church Music, Ghana

“Such a lovely instrument! A hybridization of traditional church organ design – with notable augmentation of style – and a purely digital control system. The organ is so appealing, with as well that certain grandiose and beauty of sound that gives so much delight to the player, and perhaps more to the listener. Needless to say, this brand of organs is a pacesetter in the advancement and digital experience of the pipe organ. And to think this was put together in Ghana…!”

Augustine Kweku Sobeng

Principal Organist, Harmonious Choral