What we do

Virtual Organ Builders, Organ Enhancement, After Sales & Services, Church Organ Lessons, Organ Rentals & Online Assistance

Virtual Organ Builders

Olive Organs takes pride in the fact that it is the first indigenous company in Ghana, in the business of building organs. We build all the several types of organs i.e. one manual, two manual, three manual and four manual organs.

Organ Enhancement

Olive Organs leverages its expertise and deep knowledge in organs to enhance the already existing organ infrastructure of customers. 

After Sales & Services

Olive Organs also offers after sales & organist services for our customers. We provide organist services for all kind of occasions e.g. church services, weddings, parties, funerals, etc.

Church Organ Lessons

At Olive Organs, our talented and experienced oragnists can mentor you to become one of the best organists in the country.

Organ Rentals

Olive Organs offers organ rental services to customers who cannot afford to own an organ, customers who have need of an organ for a brief period or for customers who need special sounds e.g. the pipe organ sound.

Online Assistance

Olive Organs beleives your geographical location should not be a barrier in getting our best services.Our expert team are ever ready to assist you online to solve all your organ needs.


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