Olive Organs is a specialised organ manufacturer based in Ghana. The specialty of the company transcends not just building organs, but also includes providing organ solutions tailormade to meet the organ needs of clientele.

Olive Organs About

At Olive Organs, we understand the uniqueness of the organ as a musical instrument, and further acknowledge the complexities surrounding the handling of this awesome piece. For this purpose we endeavour to provide industry standard organ and organ needs to our cherished customers.

Distinguishing between Olive Organs and the Traditional Digital Organs

Olive Organs runs on a software which has the ability to take on new capabilities as well as organ sample sets as developers create them. Moreover, Olive Organs have the ability to choose the capability of the hardware since its software based.

You should however note that the other traditional or digital organs run on a computer. The engineers have closed their source therefore, making it not as apparent as it is with the Olive Organs.

Normally, if you purchase a traditional digital console, the sounds and combination action is fixed and unchangeable. You are also perpetually confined to fixed number of physical coupler, stop, and piston switches. You would also be limited to the same number of manuals as when you purchased the console.

However, with Olive Organs, you wont encounter such limitations since Hauptwerk or Grand Orgue acts as engine for your instrument. All you need to do is to change your hardware to match the sample set and the limitation is gone.

If, however, you do manage to find a limitation, chances are it won’t be long before it too is gone.

The Audio Unit

We offer an unparalled and wide range of very audible sound which brings out every distinctive note and uniqueness in the voice selection modes ,as may expressed by the player or performing organist.

The four pairs of full range speakers and two sub woofers are carefully programmed to become a composite part of this georguous brand of church organ which amplifies its beautiful sound, making it audible to a huge gathering.

Olive Organs Audio Unit 

Our wide volume range and audibility of Olive organs as evidenced in its performances with the SKP 5000 in the biggest auditoriums Ghana such as the National Theatre seems to dwarf its competitors from foreign competitors. Trust Olive organs to produce original organ sounds through superior quality speakers. We offer value for money.


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